A unique partnership between VICE and BOSE to launch #ListenForYourself – a platform hosting video, editorial and visuals celebrating sound through inspiring stories.
As part of the digital campaign we launched two tentpole video series and collaborated with world leading artists and designers, to create a multitude of visual assets to populate the platform and Bose’s own social channels.
Scene Unseen, our first video series, took us around the globe to find thriving music scenes in places you’d least expect to find them, including Dancehall in Japan, Electro in India and Indie in Mexico.
Behind The Sound, a trilogy of films featuring iconic artists such Kele, Fatboy Slim and The Hives, set out to unearth the people, places and stories behind classic tracks from the last fifteen years.
Agency: VICE Media
Creative Direction: Valerio Oliveri
Art Direction: Valerio Oliveri / Max Spencer
Creative Production: Claire Bartolomeo / Alex Hoffman
Account Director: Denetrias Charlemagne
ECD: Joel Kitzmiller