Creative Types: a playful personality test to grow the reach of Adobe Create and help the platform better understand their subscribers.
A highly shareable test completed by over 7 million people globally, 3 of which within the first two weeks of its launch:
Creative Types is a test grounded in psychology and brought to life by collaborations with some of the world’s best creative talent.
To give the test purpose and integrity we worked with Carolyn Gregoire (co-author of the book "Wired to Create") to research, design and write the questions in a credible and relevant way.
The personality traits formed the brief for each character to be designed in collaboration with visual artist Anton Hjertstedt.
To set Creative Types apart from all the existing tests out there, we brought in set designers Isabel + Helen to create two physical sets for each question — meaning everybody who takes the test will experience a bespoke visual route.
The sets were then given life in collaboration with still-life duo Baker & Evans, who filmed, edited and post-produced each setup.
We wanted to create a playful dialogue between digital and physical design, echoing the breadth of Adobe's products. So we took a physical approach for the questions and a digital approach for the characters, creating a dialogue between the two.
Agency: Anyways Creative
Creative Direction: Valerio Oliveri
Strategy Direction: Will Skeaping
Art Direction: Valerio Oliveri / Charlie Sheppard
Digital Design: Dan Powell
Project Management: Estelle Jarvis